Vizara Hearing Aid System by Zounds

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Product Overview

Complementary Services & Accessories

  • Complimentary Professional Service & Warranty Package Automatically Included with EVERY Purchase

    Complimentary Professional Service & Warranty Package Automatically Included with EVERY Purchase
    ANY Questions Please CALL: (866) 658-9492 or Email to: to Speak with a Hearing Device Expert.

    Service & Warranty Package Includes the Following:
  • Customized & Personalized Hearing Aids

    Professional Audiology Expert Assistance LEAD by a Doctor of Audiology with over 30 YEARS of Experience. Customize EVERY order to the needs and specifications of the order. After the Order is placed, ONE of our Experts will CALL or EMAIL to ask the customer a series of questions to figure out what is the areas they need better hearing help. If a customer can provide a Hearing Test, then that will HELP speed up the process, but if there is no Hearing Test, no worries. Through a SERIES of Questions, our Experts can figure out the BEST programming for the devices for the customers hearing loss and needs.

    Addtional FREE Follow-Ups & Adjustments for the FIRST YEAR:
    • Unlimited Adjustments in FIRST 90 DAYS from Purchase
    • 4 FREE Adjustments AFTER 91 DAYS from Purchase
    • UNLIMITED Phone Consultations and Troubleshooting with Hearing Device Experts
    ANY Questions Please CALL: (866) 658-9492 or Email to: to Speak with a Hearing Device Expert.
  • FREE Supply of Batteries

    We would include (1) YEAR Supply of Batteries with your purchase.

    Premium Zinc Air Batteries in EXACT Size that is NEEDED for your FULLY Customized Hearing Aid.
  • Manufacture Warranty

    Your Hearing Devices are cover by a 1 YEAR Manufacture Warranty.

    Warranty Covers ALL Manufacture Defects and Quailty Related Issues.

    ANY Questions about the warranty, like what is covered and not:
    Please CALL: (866) 658-9492 or
    Email to:
    to Speak with a Hearing Device Expert.
  • Better Hearing Gift - Experience Better Hearing While Saving Money on Groceries & a Free Vacation

    Included with your order will be a certificate for yourself or share it with a family or friend for the following:
    • $1000 Grocery/Supermarket Savings Voucher
    • 8 Day & 7 Night Vacation Voucher to over 60 Locations.

About Vizara™ Hearing Aids by ZOUNDS

  • Features List for Vizara™ Hearing Aids by ZOUNDS

    Your system includes a Pair of Hearing Aids, Charging Station, Remote Control, Receiver-in-Canal Links with Comfort Tips, User’s Manual, and Cleaning Tool.
    • Fully Digital Technology
    • True programmable channels for a customized fit and more natural sound
    • Receiver-in-Canal technology - provides a discreet appearance and amazing clarity
    • Intuitive Noise Cancellation3™ - eliminates up to 90% of unwanted background noise
    • EnviroSenze Ultra™ - automatic adjustments optimize aids to changing environment
    • Fully Rechargeable – no more batteries to buy!
    • FREE GlobalEnergy™ Charging Station - charges your aid and remote control overnight (One per customer)
    • FREE Empower™ Remote Control - allows you to fine tune your listening experience. Adjust volume, treble, and bass - plus four program settings Party, Dining, Music and Quiet. (One per customer)
    • ZActive Life™ Wind Noise Cancellation - eliminates wind buffeting
    • Shock Sound Suppression™ - eliminates sudden loud sounds
    • Feedback Management System - eliminates annoying squealing and whistling
    • Ergonomic shape for ease of use
    • Product of 52 U.S. Patents

    Get advanced hearing technology and outstanding features at a fraction of what you would expect to pay. Your Vizara™ hearing aids feature advanced technology designed to eliminate up to 90% of annoying background noise, plus wind buffeting, sudden loud sounds, and feedback. The list of life enhancing features includes:
  • GobalEnergy™ Charging Station

    GobalEnergy™ Charging Station:Eliminate the inconvenience of buy and changing batteries. Simply place your hearing aids and remote control into the charger at bedtime and wake up to fully charged hearing aids. The included rechargeable batteries hold a 24 hour charge after eight hours in the charging station. You’ll wake up refreshed, and so will your hearing aids!
  • Empower™ Remote Control

    Empower™ Remote Control: Take control of your listening experience with the ease of pushing a button! You can adjust volume, bass and treble with your remote – each aid is independently adjustable. Plus, switching preset listening modes helps you get the most from your aids in every environment:
    • Volume – Adjusts the volume up or down.
    • Bass – Adjusts the bass (low frequencies) up or down.
    • Treble – Adjusts the treble (high frequencies) up or down.
    • Party Mode – Provides high noise cancellation and aggressive directionality to address very difficult listening environments, such as a cocktail party or sporting event. This enhanced setting allows you to understand those speaking in front of you, while not being overpowered by the noises behind you.
    • Dining Mode – Heading out to dinner and not sure how loud the restaurant might be? Don’t worry. By pressing the DINING button on your Zounds remote control, you are enhancing the algorithms to minimize background noise and formatting your directional microphones for optimal use in those loud restaurant settings.
    • Music Mode – You can now enjoy a night at the symphony or a relaxing interlude listening to your favorite music with the enhanced feature from our MUSIC button. The MUSIC button optimizes the full frequency spectrum so you can enjoy a rich, musical experience. This setting is also great for movie theaters with surround sound.
    • Quiet Mode – Sometimes the only thing you want to hear is the sound of silence. Our QUIET button provides maximum noise management. This enables you to enjoy a quiet environment without removing your aids, regardless of what may be going on around you.
  • Advanced Features Why Over 80,000 Customers Have Chosen Zounds Hearing Aids Compared to Other Brands

    ClearSpeak™: You’ll never wonder which mode you are in, as your hearing aids provide spoken notification when you switch preset modes.

    Intuitive Noise Cancellation3™: Annoying background noise is no longer an issue. ZOUNDS’ patented technology uses a multi-pronged approach to capture and eliminate up to 90% of unwanted noise. Annoying mechanical noise (such as air conditioning humming, road noise), background noise (such as the clattering flatware and dishes) and babble from people around you are eliminated – without distorting or losing the voices and music you DO want to hear!

    EnviroSenze Ultra™ - your hearing aids automatically adapt themselves to the changing auditory scene. The ambient sound pressure level is continuously monitored and is used to dynamically adjust the aggressiveness of the Intuitive Noise Cancellation3™ so that it is fully active in high noise scenarios but backs off when the wearer moves to a quieter scenario. Ongoing, hands-free adjustments are being automatically made to keep your aids optimized for Natutal and Optimal sound quality.

    Receiver-in-Canal Technology: Your Vizara™ Hearing aids feature a receiver-in-canal link that transmits sound from the hearing aid directly to your inner ear. The result is pure, undistorted sound with greater clarity. Another bonus of RIC technology is that the links are much more discreet in appearance than aids with the old style tubing. It is almost invisible when worn!

    Dual Microphones: Vizara hearing aids feature a pair of matched microphones

    Don’t miss out on precious moments! Our personal connections with loved ones, friends and the world around us are precious. ZOUNDS is proud to offer technology that helps those with hearing loss make and keep those connections. Experience the ZOUNDS difference for yourself!


The Zounds Hearing Story

  • The Zounds Hearing Story

    Zounds was founded by Sam Thomasson, an Engineer and entrepreneur who has spent his career developing new technologies in the medical device and consumer electronics industries. Sam is also the father of a hearing-impaired daughter and has witnessed the problems associated with today’s hearing aids. Sam promised his daughter that he would develop a hearing aid to address the key problems common with other high-end hearing aids. Zounds’ breakthrough technology is the fulfillment of a father’s promise to his daughter and the solution for dissatisfied hearing aid users around the world.

    Zounds utilizes a combination of internally developed and exclusively licensed technology from Acoustic Technologies, Inc., where Sam Thomasson is the founder and former CEO. At Acoustic Technologies, Sam created high-performance semiconductor chips and related software with low power usage algorithms that dramatically improved voice and sound quality in cell phones, video phones, desktop phones, conference call phones and automotive communication systems. For Sam, it was a logical extension to leverage this superior technology at Zounds.

    Zounds’ goal is to offer a portfolio of hearing aids and wireless devices that provide the world of 1.2 Billion People suffering from Hearing loss which includes over 48 Million Americans with PREMIUM Hearing Technology at an affordable price to anyone with a mild, moderate, or moderate/severe hearing loss.


The Zounds Difference

    • The Zounds Difference

      The Zounds Difference is what you experience when you become a Zounds Hearing customer. It begins with us understanding the frustration you have with your hearing loss. Zounds Hearing was founded by Sam Thomasson, the father of a hearing impaired daughter. After witnessing her frustration with her under-performing hearing aids, Sam made it his mission to properly engineer a hearing aid that works. The result is a line of technically superior products that will change your life.
    • Performance

      All Zounds hearing aids are engineered with breakthroughs in advanced audio technology, made possible by our 57 exclusive patents.

      Every Zounds hearing aid boasts exclusive features that make our hearing aids unrivaled in sound quality and clarity:

    • Clarity

      At the core, each Zounds hearing aid is specifically programmed to match your own unique hearing loss.

      Other hearing aids may not perform above 5000 Hertz (light grey area in chart above). 5000 to 8000 Hertz is where high frequency sounds and important consonants for understanding speech are found, such as the “t”, “ch” and “s” sounds.

    • The Zounds Difference

      Zounds hearing aids cover the full frequency spectrum, up to 8000 Hertz. As a result, Zounds hearing aids provide rich, high fidelity sound for better speech intelligibility, including the difficult to hear higher frequency speech sounds such as “t”, “ch” and “s”. It’s like having a studio quality graphic equalizer in each ear.
    • Intuitive Noise Cancellation

      Among the host of amazing features, Zounds hearing aids’ Intuitive Noise CancellationTM never ceases to amaze people.

      Background human noise or “babble” noise is a common problem in social settings. The chatter from others at a restaurant or party may overpower the voices or conversations taking place in front of you.

    • The Zounds Difference

      Zounds hearing aids utilizing the Intuitive Noise CancellationTM cancel the background noise and enable multiple directional microphones to form a “Cone of Listening”. The directional microphones continually scan your environment and focus on what is in front of you, increasing your ability to understand speech in noisy environments.
    • Dynamic Feedback Cancellation

      One of the revolutionary features found in Zounds hearing aids is the Dynamic Feedback Cancellation. No more telecoils.

      Feedback is the result of sounds leaking from the hearing aid speaker, often reflecting from an object like a phone, and going back into the microphone, which then becomes amplified to the point where it cannot be amplified any more. A loud, painful squeal or whistle is the result. It’s the same issue found in an auditorium when a microphone is placed too close to a speaker.

      Many hearing aids on the market today use a mechanical approach when addressing feedback. A tight, oversized hearing aid shell is produced in an attempt to form a tight seal between the hard hearing aid shell and the soft ear canal walls. The result may be an uncomfortable fit and despite the effort, feedback may still occur.

    • The Zounds Difference

      Zounds hearing aids utilize an electronic solution when dealing with feedback. Zounds hearing aids’ sophisticated Dynamic Feedback Cancellation identifies the amplified sound leaking around the hearing aid and electronically eliminates most of it before it can squeal.
    • Shock Sound Suppression

      With Zounds, loud, painful sounds are a thing of the past.

      Many of today’s hearing aids simply amplify any and all sounds within our listening environment, not amplifying the specific sounds you need while limiting those you do not. The result is all too often, a painful sensation where sounds you do not want to hear are amplified well beyond your comfort level. As referenced in the image above, the white sound waves have exceeded into the orange area, which represents the uncomfortable spectrum of our hearing. Think of a loud door slamming shut. A poorly programmed hearing aid will pick up this already loud sound and amplify it without knowing that it’s a sound that should not have been amplified in the first place.


    • The Zounds Difference

      The Shock Sound SuppressionTM technology found in each Zounds hearing aid is constantly listening for such fast, drastic and loud sounds found within your listening environment. When identified, your Zounds hearing aid will suppress or lower the sound to a comfortable level. As referenced in the above image,Shock Sound SuppressionTM identifies an aggressive sound and suppresses it, keeping the white sound waves within the dark gray area, which represents our comfortable spectrum of hearing.

    • EnviroSenzePlus

      Zounds hearing aids are smart. They know what kind of environment you are in.

      Many hearing aids found on the market today are simply programmed, with basic amplification as their main call to action. These hearing aids lack the ability to work with you not only in challenging listening environments, but are not sophisticated enough to adjust accordingly as you move from one room to the next.

  • The Zounds Difference

    Zounds hearing aids feature EnviroSenzePlusTM, an added feature to the already multi-featured offerings. EnviroSenzePlusTM technology is constantly telling your hearing aids to scan your environment. When in a given environment with many different types of sounds, EnviroSenzePlusTM constantly adjusts amplification and noise cancellation levels to offer you the Natutal hearing experience that you are looking for, room to room, all day long.

Zounds Hearing Testimonials

  • Testimonials from Zounds Hearing Aid Wearers

    “The capabilities of Zounds hearing aids are better than I ever thought possible. After seeing all the problems that my father had with his hearing aids, I was hesitant to take a chance on any product. I am thrilled that Zounds is the brand I chose. I am extremely impressed with the Zounds sound quality, technology, and even the service at the store is top notch.”
    – Robert C., Florida

    “I cannot tell anybody what the experience really has been with my Zounds hearing instruments. My best description is “like a light bulb coming on for the first time”. There is really that much difference in them. I cannot get over what I have heard just in one week of wearing these great hearing aids. Everyone should have this experience by having Zounds. It has changed my life!”
    – Phyllis, S., Texas

    “I have had hearing aids before, and they all ended up going into my dresser drawer. The feature I like about Zounds, is that it has a rechargeable battery. No more battery replacements. The remote is handy in different environments. I am very pleased.”
    – Sargon A., Kentucky

    “A friend at my retirement community kept recommending Zounds and now I know why. I have finally found a hearing aid that always works for me. I wear my Zounds hearing aid constantly and the fact that it is so easily recharged is such an added bonus. Best of all, with Zounds, I no longer feel isolated. In the past, I had been left out of conversations with family and friends because I couldn’t always hear what was being said. With Zounds, I am back in the middle of everything.”
    – Martin B., Pennsylvania

    “Zounds has brought the joy of hearing back into my life. To be able to hear many of the little things people take for granted, like the sound of the wind blowing or falling raindrops, is a wonderful experience. On top of that, their customer service is highly courteous and knowledgeable.“
    -Raymond O., Arizona

    “I had three previous hearing aids and became convinced that none of them would ever perform at a high level. This all changed when I tried Zounds. I no longer have to look at someone when they talk because I can hear everything. Besides the sound quality, all the added features are simply unbelievable. I actually made my brother get his own pair and he’s now a Zounds fan too.”
    – Marshall S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    “I waited far too long to get help for my hearing loss, but when I heard about the new Zounds technology with rechargeable batteries and the fantastic remote control with multiple volume and environment settings, I scheduled my free hearing test. I was amazed at what I was missing. Now I can hear and participate in conversations around the dinner table, and understand everything my grandchildren say to me. Zounds has opened up a whole new world of hearing for me.”
    – Lowell P., New Jersey

    “With the new (Zounds) hearing aids I am able to use them while playing an instrument in a band and also with conducting a band. Unlike other hearing aids the sound is much more natural and normal as well. Overall I am hearing better and hearing sounds not heard before such as the turn signal clicking in my car. I am quite satisfied in the improvement in my hearing with the Zounds hearing aids.”
    – Sam R., Indiana

    “I have been wearing Zounds Hearing Aids for the past two years and it has opened a whole new life of hearing for me. Zounds has brought back hearing into my life! I no longer have to guess what people are saying, but I now can join in family conversations, hear distinctly the talks in our Church services, and the TV no longer has to be so loud as to make others uncomfortable. Thank you Zounds!”
    -Carolyn P., Utah

    “My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Zounds. Their product is the most innovative hearing aid out there! Having aids that come with a personal remote control and that are rechargeable is a blessing. All we have to do is put them in the base to charge overnight and they are ready to go by the morning, so it’s easy to use. Zounds is just a wonderful company that really understands its customers.”
    – Beverly G., Florida

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